The Delivering Happiness Jet

The Delivering Happiness jet is an official member of JetSuite’s fleet of brand-new Phenom 100s and will be dispatched like any other JetSuite jet.

What Is Delivering Happiness?

We all want to be happy. But as research shows, it turns out we’re super bad at predicting what will bring us lasting joy. (Surprise, it’s not money or beauty.) Simply put, we all want to be part of something bigger than ourselves. To find a higher purpose.

That’s where Delivering Happiness comes in. We’re a movement that spreads good vibes. At home. At work. In the community. We’re nudging the world to a happier place — one smile at a time. Backed by scientific sense, business sense and common sense, we know that true satisfaction in life is what really matters. So come along for the ride and join the movement.

At Delivering Happiness, everything we do is fueled by our principles: ICEE.

  • Inspiration: Live passionately. Inspire and Be Inspired.
  • Community: Connect people who want a purposeful life.
  • Education: Teach and empower each other.
  • Experiences: Create meaningful moments together.

Experiences is what launched the idea for the DH Jet. Studies back up what we already know — it’s not the things that we buy that matter, it’s the experiences we have that add to our ultimate happiness in life.

From the DH Bus we took on tour to the DH Jet, Delivering Happiness is a reminder that no matter what your vehicle in life is, there’s never a moment we shouldn’t be enjoying the ride.

Inspire and Be Inspired.

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