General Questions

How many aircraft does JetSuite Operate? 

JetSuite owns 13 Phenom 100s and 8 CJ3s.

How old is JetSuite?

The JetSuite brand was created in 2006, and our first revenue flight was May of 2009.  Our first customer was famed airplane and spaceship designer Burt Rutan, and our first spokesman was Buzz Aldrin.  Although our brand is young, our leaders and board members are some of the most successful and experienced in aviation, and our pilots among the most seasoned professional aviators alive.  JetSuite is the world’s most experienced Phenom operator.

Are flights conducted with two pilots?

Yes, your JetSuite flight will always be operated by two captain-qualified pilots.

Does JetSuite have a safety rating? 

JetSuite has been awarded the ARG/US Platinum safety rating, the highest safety rating achievable in civil aviation. The ARG/US audit verifies an air carrier is managed, organized, and run in a manner most conducive to safe operations. JetSuite is also a IS-BAO certified operator. 

How much flying experience do JetSuite pilots typically have?

JetSuite’s pilots are among the most experienced and well trained in the charter industry, averaging over 8,000 hours of flight time.  The pilot hiring process is rigorous, and mandates that each new hire possess extraordinary qualifications, including a minimum of 3,000 hours flying time, a minimum of 1,000 hours turbine time, a minimum of 500 hours of jet PIC time, an Airline Transport Pilot Certificate (the FAA’s most stringent pilot qualification) and a First Class Medical Certificate.  To reinforce their skills, JetSuite pilots return annually to CAE Simuflite for demanding training in state-of-the-art, full-motion flight simulators. 

Do you have the most advanced airplane safety features?

Yes.  Read more about it here.

How many passengers can fit on the aircraft?

The Phenom 100 has four comfortable, identical club seats. The JetSuite Edition CJ3s offer seating for six with two aft-facing and four forward-facing seats (plus an additional 7th sideways-facing seat).  Up to two pets or service animals are also welcome in the cabin!

Do the aircraft have a bathroom?

Yes. The Phenom 100 and JetSuite Edition CJ3 both have an enclosed lavatory with a flushing toilet, located in the aft of the aircraft.

What information does JetSuite require in order to complete my reservation? 

  • Departure & arrival airport(s)
  • Departure & arrival date(s) and time(s)
  • Passenger names
  • Estimated passenger weights (lbs.)
  • Expected luggage (lbs.)

Why does JetSuite request passenger weights?

Recording passenger and luggage weight is an FAA requirement that helps ensure JetSuite flights are operated safely and efficiently.

Since JetSuite does not provide tail numbers, how can I track my flight or arrange ground transportation?
All JetSuite flights are operated using the call sign “Red Stripe” followed by a three digit identifier (ex. Red Stripe 456 (RSP456).  This method is identical to commercial flights such as Southwest Airlines or JetBlue (SWA196 or JBU270). The flight number is the only way to track the progress of a flight, using websites such as, and can also be given to ground transportation and catering providers.  Due to JetSuite’s fully interchangeable fleet, aircraft tail numbers constantly change, while the flight number does not.

What exactly is an “FBO”?
The term “FBO” is an acronym for “Fixed-Base Operator” which is a less than fancy way of saying “private terminal”.  These locations provide passenger and aircraft services similar to those found in any commercial terminal.

What additional services does JetSuite provide?

Ground Transportation

JetSuite will gladly arrange chauffeured transportation and rental cars for its guests.  Passengers who would like a rental car and have a preferred rental number, such as a Hertz Gold or Avis Wizard, will often have their rentals waiting for them plane-side, allowing them to skip the paperwork at the counter.  Ground service arrangements do not extend to JetSuite “SuiteDeal” customers. 

Can I bring my pet? 

Pets are welcome on all flights (up to two, and excluding SuiteDeals) and can enjoy the main cabin with you!

What is the maximum number of fractional owners on a given airplane?

Zero. JetSuite is not a fractional business and avoids all the pitfalls of fractional ownership including monthly management fees, tax liabilities, legal and accounting requirements, unexpected maintenance expenses, and flying on old airplanes. Our airplanes are owned institutionally or outright by single parties. All their time is made available to members via our client managers and scheduling software.

Am I a part owner of a jet when I become a Member?

No. Shared ownership of an aircraft creates many complexities, competing interests, operational, insurance, and tax liabilities. All aircraft in our fleet are owned by JetSuite or leased from an individual owner. JetSuite holds 100% authority over the use of any jet in our fleet - no owner approvals are necessary. If you are interested in taking advantage of our whole airplane owner program, please call a JetSuite sales representative at (866) 779-7770.

Does flying under Part 135 restrict my ability to fly? 

Occasionally, but with good reason. You may notice from time to time that privately-owned aircraft will operate when we do not. Some jets are operated under Part 91 of the Federal Aviation Regulations. Those operations are appropriate for parties who own their aircraft and understand all the various risks of flight operations to the extent necessary to exert operational control and assume liabilities and increased risk of those flights. JetSuite - ranked ARG/US Platinum (the highest achievable safety ranking) - retains full operational control. The Part 135 regulations applicable to our operators are more stringent and provide a level of safety beyond Part 91, including limiting operations in reduced visibility, subjecting pilots to background and drug tests, and restricting their duty time.

Can I keep the jet overnight?

Yes. Crew duty time limitations may also apply, or we can often send another crew to continue your trip if you have a short rest period in your plans. Costs related to supporting the agreed flight itinerary will be reflected in your trip cost when a quote is provided to you.

Who is responsible for maintaining the jet?

JetSuite and the original equipment manufacturers of the Phenom 100 and CJ3 and their engines maintain the fleet. Most JetSuite jets are on maintenance plans provided directly by Embraer and Cessna. All JetSuite jets are closely tracked by the operator and by the manufacturers and are on FAA approved maintenance plans.

Who is responsible for cleaning and re-fueling the jet?

JetSuite takes care of making sure the aircraft is ready to fly, which includes cleaning the cabin. Any costs associated with flight preparation activities are already included in the trip quote.

Can I use the JetSuite Membership to qualify to fly my own aircraft?

No. Members may not receive training, manipulate the flight controls or otherwise operate the aircraft.

How are airport fees calculated? 

Airport fees are determined by a combination of historical and actual costs.  This allows JetSuite to deliver competitive pricing based on individual and specific travel needs.

  • Network Positioning Time
  • Airport Fuel Price
  • International & Handling Fees
  • Landing Fees
  • GPU
  • Parking
  • Special Event Fees
  • Other (Hangar, De-Icing)

Do you guarantee trip costs? 

YES! Unlike virtually all other jet 'card' programs and charter companies, JetSuite will quote you UP FRONT for your trip, and if there is no change to your itinerary you will be billed as quoted even if the flight is delayed by weather, air traffic congestion or other factors beyond our control. (Some limitations apply on international trips where costs are not always consistent.) 

Are there any other maintenance/upkeep fees that will be assessed?

No. (But if you, your guest or a pet damage an airplane you may, of course, be liable for repair and/or damages).

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