Share your flight on a JetSuite Phenom 100 or CJ3, and lower your individual flight costs!  Enter your desired itinerary below.  If your request can be accommodated, your total fare - along with the amount that your cost decreases as more passengers join the flight - will appear.  And as an added incentive, the first customer who books a SuiteShare flight will fly for free if three other customers join!

SuiteShare flights are available from all of JetSuite's SuiteSpots, and are subject to restrictions and availability.  Purchases are completed online via credit card, and refunds from seat cost reductions are issued after the flight is flown.  

And now, with SuiteShare WishList, JetSuite will notify you directly if a SuiteShare flight is created that may be of interest to you!  Simply enter an origin and destination as well as your earliest and latest possible travel dates, and we'll alert you when a relevant flight becomes available.  Or, enter your origin, and we'll alert you when any SuiteShare flight is generated from that location. 

You may also opt to complete your SuiteShare booking only if a second passenger joins!  With SuiteShare's Standby option, initiate a flight and immediately lock-in the rate you would receive if a second passenger joined the flight.  Complete the booking process, we'll authorize - but not charge - your credit card, and opt for JetSuite to offer your flight up for sharing.  If a second passenger buys a seat on your flight, your flight is confirmed.

For questions about SuiteShare, please contact the SuiteShare Support Desk at 855.453.8732 or watch the video to see how it works by clicking here.