Aircraft Management

JetSuite has launched a program designed to reduce the cost of ownership for single-aircraft owners. Due to the strong demand in our charter flights, growth in our SuiteKey program has led to the creation of the multi-tiered aircraft management offering. Each of the three options offers owners substantial reductions in the cost of operating their planes with various levels of aircraft availability based on their expected flying needs.


Phenom 100
Phenom 100

Phenom 300
Phenom 300

Legacy 600/650
Program Feature Benefit
Red Stripe
  • Ideal for those who want to enjoy well-planned use of their aircraft while off-loading the fixed costs of operations and management
  • JetSuite receives primary access to the aircraft for revenue, making the plane available for your previously scheduled trips
  • JetSuite provides full-service operational management and support
Grey Stripe
  • Targeted for owner/operators who want additional revenue for otherwise underused assets
  • JetSuite provides maintenance oversight and compliance with DOT Part 135 regulation
  • When you make the aircraft available, and JetSuite sends its own crew to pick up the airplane, fly it for revenue and return it at the end of the time block
  • You operate the aircraft for your personal travel
White Stripe
  • The most traditional management option
  • You outsource the operation to JetSuite, while retaining complete control of the availability of the aircraft
  • We simply use it for revenue when you choose to make it available

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