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The safety of our passengers, crew, and aircraft is our top priority. That’s why JetSuite is the only light jet charter company in the world with In-Flight, Real-Time Satellite Weather Mapping and Safe Taxi Technology installed on every plane, giving our pilots the best possible situational awareness. JetSuite’s fleet is the youngest of any branded operator in the US and receives heavy maintenance from manufacturers Embraer, Pratt & Whitney; and Williams International. All pilots are captain certified at FlightSafety International or CAE in full-motion Level D simulators. Moreover, our seasoned pilots average over 8,000 hours of flight time, and all are type rated and hold Airline Transport Pilot Certificates. JetSuite’s rest limits are more restrictive than the FAA’s revised Pilot Flight and Duty Time rules, ensuring that our pilots and mechanics are well rested whenever they are on duty. JetSuite is fewer than 2% of Part 135 charter operators to implement ASAP, the Aviation Safety Action Program, which creates a vehicle whereby employees of participating air carriers are encouraged to identify and voluntarily report safety issues and concerns. In addition, the FAA's 2012, 2013 & 2014 Diamond Award of Excellence and NATA's 2012, 2013 & 2014 Five Star Award were bestowed upon JetSuite for the achievements of the company's highly regarded maintenance department, and 14 JetSuite pilots recently received NBAA's Flying Safety Award for exceptional achievement in maintaining safe flying operations.

And as you would expect, JetSuite is rated PLATINUM, the highest safety rating achievable in civil aviation, from independent safety auditors ARG/US.

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The ARG/US Platinum rating is widely recognized as the ultimate acknowledgement of excellence in operational practices and flight safety standards, and it is the highest-level safety audit rating in private aviation. JetSuite’s ranking puts it among a small, prestigious group of Platinum-rated operators. During the rigorous ARG/US audit, JetSuite was commended for top industry managers well exceeding FAA requirements, flight operations standards that exceed industry norms, modern and immaculate aircraft, a highly qualified pilot workforce, and stringent pilot hiring standards.