Customer Compliments

“Great flight, great pilots, impeccable aircraft! I've flown Flexjet, Netjet, and Avantair and this Jetsuite Phenon 100 blows them all away!”

“Awesome service. Will be writing you a letter of praise shortly. “

“Outstanding flight! The cool thing was that Courtney called me and said that the flight was running a few minutes late and so she just wanted to let me know not to rush.. Very thoughtful of her.. It allowed me to make a quick stop at MacDonalds. Mike Donovan and Greg Longle were the Kings of the Air! Pilots were professional as usual...I have to confess that I took a box of the granola bars.. My conscience was bothering me. Looking forward to the flight to Santa Monica in 2 weeks!

“I will definetely recommend JetSuite to my friends. The flight I took from Vegas to LA was well worth the cost”

“The flight crew everything was fantastic”

“Absolutely amazing experience. The pilot and copilot were so kind, helpful and reassuring. The plane was awesome, the flight was quick and smooth. I would absolutely recommend Jetsuite to anyone! ”

“Our pilots were great.....we had the same for the trip from Panama City to Dallas as we had from Phoenix to Panama City. The young woman and the man were very professional but also very personable. We enjoyed meeting them and they are excellent at their job.

“JetSuite provides a very good experience, from your retail sales executive Lacey Easton (and her assistant), to your client services/reservations team, and of course the flight itself - especially when we can book it at the discounted rate. We will continue to use JetSuite for our short distance flights in the West.”

“It was a very nice flight. The pilot walked me to my car in the parking lot at the San Jose Atlantic Aviation airport & put my luggage in the car. He was very nice & helpful.”

"It was absolutely amazing. Friendly, informative, fun, and professional. I was one of the original Virgin America start-up employee's back in 2008 and Jet Suite reminds me a lot of them. A new fresh way to commuting. Keep up the amazing service and I plan to use you guys plenty in the future.”

“Excellent flight!!!!! We had two Awesome Pilots...Shaun McQuain and Robert Mugford... It was good to see Shaun again... He flew us to Riverside before.... Looking forward to the next trip at the end of the month..”

“Awesome! Crew and plane were fantastic on both legs, thus was our first time using jetsuite but certainly not the last! See you soon “

“Your crews are the greatest. Every flight I have taken with Jet Suite has been smooth and efficient and in fact fun because of the easy going professionalism of your people. Even the ground crews you use have a friendly and helpful easy approach that makes life so easy. Thanks again.”

“Pilots were Outstanding, Nice and Courteous.... Very cool... I actually have flown with the co-pilot to Baton Rouge with her dad a few months back... It was good to see her... Mark Wieser met my wife and I as the plane landed so that was a pleasant surprise to see him there... As always, this was a very pleasurable flight. JETSUITE ROCKS!!!!!! ”

“My fiancé and I were very pleased with the aircraft and crew at Jetsuite. I will definitely fly again and tell all others about our excellent experience.”

“You provide an excellent and well priced service. Even with the fuel stop for our DAL-CRQ leg, we found the flight comfortable and convenient. Thanks especially to Court and Ashley, our outstanding pilot team.”

“Very smooth trip... We had Kyle and Ashley as our rulers of the air!!! They were awesome...this is working out so great for us! “

“Your staff was outstanding in dealing with us--due to my husband's recent surgery, we needed a little hand-holding! Thanks for the extra care.”

“Great flight, great crew. We were worried the plane would feel tight ... it didn't!”

“We had an exceptionally positive experience. My husband is in a wheelchair and the crew were extremely helpful in getting him on and off and making him comfortable. We would definitely like to use your service in the future and recommend you to any of our friends who are interested in private jet service.

"Love you guys! Flying JetSuite is always the highlight of my day! :)”

“The flight was wonderful! Our pilots were fun and friendly, and our trip was smooth. We really enjoyed it. Thank you!”

“Both pilots great, so is Lacey. Glad you will get embraer 300; better for 25% of my trips.”

“Everything was professional, efficient, and as expected given the reputation that Jetsuite has. The flight crew was exceptionally friendly, and set up ground transportation for us at our destination. If you ever get Phenom 300s into your fleet, I look forward to experiencing one of those. A bit more room would be nice!”

“First let me apologize to the wonderful pilots for being patient with us... We arrived 30 minutes late and both Ashley Ogden and Mark Maziarz were so patient with us as we had to go back to get the luggage we forgot... They both were great!!! We had some Santa Ana mountain winds so I told Angela "Remember, turbulence is basically just like a car riding on a ruff road". Lol! Overall we had a very smooth ride and can't wait for the Baton Rouge trip!! Get ready Mark Weiser, we will be traveling a lot!!”

"I take tours to the US from Australia approx 5 times a year and will be using your services again when possible/viable.. You staff were great...”

“Tim and Spencer were very professional and courteous. Nice flight too.”

“Enjoyed the experience and will use you again. Cort and John were great pilots and hope to fly with them again. Would like to discuss the details of the Suite Key Club.”

“Quick trip! We departed 1/2 hour early, and arrived early”

“It's always a pleasure to fly with JetSuite.”

“Our rulers of the friendly and unfriendly skies (crazy weather) were the very cool duo of Brian Liggett & Karine Noel... It was a smooth ride and we made great time from Oakland to Baton while rockin' out to Journey songs and showing our giant subway sandwiches no mercy... It was awesome and we can't wait for the April Tyler TX to Oakland trip!!!”

“The pilots Jay & Scott were very pleasant.”

Love you guys!

“Scott was the same pilot I had going to the Thermal Airport & he is a real nice guy.”

"Our pilots were fantastic. Scott and Martin? I forget their names. But they were top notch.”

“Door to door...Scottsdale to Eureka...3-1/2 hours including taxi time. With a head wind. No standing in groping...and I was able to bring my lunch from AZ to CA.”

“We had wonderful flights and everything went great. The plane was also more comfortable than I was expecting and it was just the right size for our flight times. A big thank you to the pilots for providing a very pleasant experience. Hope to use your services again soon.”

“Will definitely plan to use JetSuite again.”

“I am loving Jetsuite.”

“Great plane, great crew, great experience...thanks!”

“Very nice stop at Xjet FBO. Personnel were top notch & very customer service oriented. Pilots were great as always.”

“Both of the pilots were very friendly & nice.”

“Crew was very professional and friendly. Thanks for another great flight.”

“Thank you for the opportunity to share in the joy of your enterprise.”

“Love you guys!”

“It was a great trip. Would do it again.”