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Lower hourly rates

Our best rates are available to Members. See table below for details.

Competitive Pricing Within Domestic Service Areas

Find out where JetSuite is most competitively priced for JetSuite Edition CJ3, Phenom 100 and Legacy 650 trips by clicking here.

Twice the grace period

We will wait up to 30 minutes from your scheduled time of departure at no extra charge. Additional wait time can be purchased at $200 per 15 minute period (or $250 for Non-Members).

More flexible change policies

$250 per leg change fee is waived for Members on all changes within 48 hours, provided flight is re-booked within 3 hours of original departure time.

More flexible cancellation policies

Cancellation Period Member Non-Member
0 - 12 Hours Prior 75% 100%
12-24 Hours Prior 50%-75% 50%-100%
24-48 Hours Prior $0 15%
> 48 Hours Prior $0 5%

*Note: Legacy 650 has a different cancellation policy. Please refer to our aircraft quote.

Higher priority for booking

Peak dates are open to Members for booking prior to non-members, as only Members may book trips more than 90 days in advance. 

Peak day fees waived

Only members do not pay an additional $300/hour for peak days.

Access to JetSuite Insider Program

Allows your friends & family to receive up to $3,000 off their first trip with JetSuite, and allows you to receive up to $6,000 in SuiteKey credits for EVERY referral that converts to Membership once they fly! If you refer someone and they become a SuiteKey member within 30 days of their first JetSuite trip, you will EACH receive flight credits:

  • $1,000 in credit on a $50k Membership
  • $2,000 in credit on a $100k Membership
  • $4,000 in credit on a $200k Membership
  • $6,000 in credit on a $400k Membership

Your credits can be limitless: every time one of your Insider Cards is redeemed and the person referred becomes a SuiteKey Member, we will send you a replacement card.

Members using JetSuite's Charter Brokerage Service for trips which JetSuite cannot fulfill will receive:

  • Discounted credit card fee (3% vs 5% for non-Members)
  • $500 in flight credits for every booking up to $30k including FET, issued upon trip completion
  • $1,000 in flight credits for every booking over $30k including FET, issued upon trip completion

JetSuiteX Member Benefit:

Members receive 10% off all JetSuiteX regular scheduled flights.

Dedicated telephone line

Members have access to dedicated phone line with higher priority access to our Guest Services Team.

Lower FBO change fee

$100 off of FBO change fees when using a non-preferred FBO. No fee when using one of our preferred FBOs.

Free ground transportation booking service

No de-ice or hangar charges

And, your funds never expire. EVER!

Membership Level Cost per Planned Flight Hour (Plus Airport Fees)
Phenom 100 CJ3 L650
50K $3,875 $5,405* Not Available
100K $3,775 $5,305* Not Available
200K $3,675 $5,205* $7,200
400K $3,575 $5,105* $7,100

*Please call your sales executive to discuss specific routes and special CAP Pricing offers.

You are never billed for more than planned time, even if actual flight exceeds plan.

Airport fees added depending on airports used, use quoting tool to see airport specific fees. Contract terms apply, member contract available here.
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